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specialty cabinets

Shock/Seismic Cabinets

In addition to our standard line of cabinets Pepco has manufactured several specialty cabinets. Our sheet metal background allows us to build to any of our customer’s requirements. Some of these have a variety of outside testing. These include Shock Cabinets for the Navy. Built around Spec Mil-S-901-D these cabinets (6 different sizes to date have been produced) are used by the navy onboard various ships. Several of the cabinets have been subjected to various testing including EMI/RFI testing as well as barge and hammer testing. These cabinets are completely zinc plated and EMI shielded. Seismic Cabinets Pepco has produced and tested several different Seismic Zone 4 cabinets in partnership with several different clients. The cabinets that were Earthquake tested in accordance with GR-63-Core. These cabinets have been manufactured with several different configurations. See our Sales dept for details