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Disaster Recovery Enclosure

Pepco was asked to develop a mobile disaster recovery enclosure by a large Wall Street based firm. The requested requirements to meet were the ability to house 1600 pounds of equipment on a well ventilated, secure, mobile platform. This platform was designed to house backup servers for minimizing network downtime, in the event of network or data center loss. The platform chosen was a solid side double bay enclosure with reinforced high ventilation perforated doors that have a three point locking system. The shelves are reinforced and have an anti slip rubber top surface for keep equipment in position during transport. Security bars are used as an added safety measure for keeping equipment in place during transport. Top panel and base are supplied with cable access points for various cable configurations based on site requirements. Various power strip configurations are available based on power requirements. The enclosure is equipped with removable cart handles on each end and 4″ heavy-duty locking swivel casters for increased ease of mobility.

Cablemax Cabinet

As we all are aware computer equipment is constantly changing. Things are getting smaller and capacity is increasing. This creates new challenging issues, the first is increased heat generation and the second is increased cabling.

To help solve both of these issues, Pepco/ Premier have developed a new line of cabinets that we have called the Cablemax. This new enclosure contains many of features that we have designed into many of the custom enclosures that we currently produce. In our 50 years of designing we have tried to produce a cabinet that will meet present and future demands of our customers.